After 25 successful years in America,
PRC Fertility Center of Dubai is Now OPEN!

After 25 successful years in America,
PRC Fertility Center is now OPEN!


My name is Rosa my husband is Hector we are soo glad to have been referred to Dr Salem who has made our dream of having a family come true. On the third IVF I told my husband I did not want to get the call to find out if it did or did not work. My husband was soo happy to hear that it worked, he could not wait to tell me so he called me at work, that was one of the happiest day of our lives.

Rosa and Hector, DUBAI

The doctors, the staff, nurses were just exceptional! PRC made our dreams a reality. I recommend this loving environment to anyone looking to start a family.

We are thankful that we based our decision on a few things: the doctor’s knowledge, the doctor’s commitment and attention to our case during the consultation, the training the doctor has recieved and most importantly we trusted our gut feelings after all these consults. We are blessed with our beautiful healthy baby boy and we can’t. Wait to bring him to our first baby reunion with Dr. Salem.


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