After 25 successful years in America,
PRC Fertility Center of Dubai is Now OPEN!

After 25 successful years in America,
PRC Fertility Center is now OPEN!

Fertility Treatment for International Patients in Dubai


IVF DubaiPRC Fertility Center in Dubai offers treatment for international patients at a State-of-the Art location in Dubai Healthcare City. Patients are able to complete treatment with our Board Certified, World Class fertility specialists while staying in first class accommodations.

At PRC, we will not only take care of your fertility treatments while you are here, but also assist with all of your travel arrangements, hotel reservations, ground transportation and translators if necessary.

In order to streamline your treatment needs, please contact us HERE so we can discuss the necessary medical forms prior to your trip. That way, we can ensure that you are a good IVF candidate or decide what other treatments would be indicated. Also, we would like to review your previous medical records.

Not only does PRC Fertility Center offer cost effective treatment packages for patients in need, but also our doctors have been leaders in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies. Take a look at our US Success Rates and how we’ve done compared to the US national averages!

Contact our Center today for detailed information on treatment time frames, fees, required documents, and available packages.

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